My knowledge of programming/scripting languages or Software


MySQL is a popular DBMS which is frequently used by standalone applications and websites that use PHP.
This website is using a MySQL database.


Java is a platform independent programming language which I'm currently learning.
I'm working with a group on a Java based game at the moment.


JavaScript is a client side language that is used to interact with the user without a need to reload the page. This increase the speed for the user enormously and reduces load on the server.
This is a language that interests me very much. It has great potential and only few restrictions.


VB.NET is the language I learnt first.
I used this language a lot to test things out.


I have more than the basic skills for MS Access, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.


PHP is a server-side programming language that primarily used to process web content.
I use this flexible language to create websites that, for example, rely on databases.


My knowledge of CSS3 is also advanced.
Because I often rely on code snippets, I don't think a higher score is applicable.


My skills in HTML are Advanced.
I'm currently increasing my knowledge of cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.


Wordpress allows users, who don't know how to code, to edit their webpage more easily.
Programmers like me, create or edit a theme that is specifically made for easy adjustments.


XAML is a structure based on XML that allows you to create a WPF application.
USB-log is a WPF application.

Linux Shellscript

A Shellscript is a script written for the linux command line.
I used this to create a Web scraper.


VBA is a programming language based on VB.
This language is primarily used in Word, Excel, Acces and Autocad.
I use this language mainly to create handy macro's that save me the work of repetitive task such as the creation of an invoice.


VBScript is a scripting language for Windows OS that is mainly used by system administrator to automate tasks.
I know the syntaxis of the language, but I usually research a lot before starting to write code.