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Breex Printers rents and sells printers to companies in Belgium.

My assignment?

Create a form where salesman and customers can calculate their rates with variable prices.


  • Not mobile responsive
  • Completely editable
  • Intuitive interaction
This project was time sensitive because Breex is a young company that wants to start fast.
You can view the result here.
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Screenlock was designed to help a friend's father when he had to leave his computer unguarded. His computer had to keep calculation during the night. Unfortunately, when he used the Windows locking mechanism, the program paused.

What does this program do?

From the moment you entered a password, Screenlock blocks all user input on the device.
Every keyboard key is locked except for the ones necessary to re-enter the password.
Every attempt to launch an application/unlock the computer is logged.
After re-entering the correct password, the user gets a list of the events that occurred while he was away.
The user also has a option to save this log file.


This program consist of two parts, a client-side and a server-side part. The client-side part detects USB-events on the device and sends these to the server. The server-side program deciphers these encrypted events and saves them into a database. The database connection is only established on server level, therefore is the Microsoft ace.oledb.12.0 driver only required on the server.


This application is particularly useful in networks where many users use multiple computers, such as a school network. It's also helpful if their is sensitive information that should not be taken outside the building. The server admin can add trackers to certain USB devices. This can be used to either:

  • Get a realtime notification
  • Download all the content of the USB to the server (in case the USB was lost/stolen and someone is trying to use it)
  • Log all read/write events on the USB


For this website I created a webform. The company sold and rented printers.
Unfortunately the website was taken offline after the owner had decided to restart his business with a partner.


During the first chapters of the computer architecture course, we learned about binary arithmetic and error checking algorithms. In the meanwhile during Object Oriented Programming, we learned the principles of Java.
I had the idea to combine these courses and create a Java application with the following possiblities.
  • Self-update: The application has to update without any user-interaction
  • Correct calculation of course
  • The application should not just calculate, it had to display which steps to follow to get to the result.
CA-APP(Computer Architecture Application) was born.
Although the application is not yet finished, and it might never be, there is a stable version available.
Download and see the magic.